Bead Bar Network Paper

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Bead Bar Network Paper

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Bead Bar is a growing business with increasing technology needs. The issues that Bead Bar faces are created by the different and changing needs of each manager and location to manage and transmit data. As the Bead Bar’s business grows, new problems have arisen as a result. They are in need of the ability to communicate amongst the different locations. Establishing a network will greatly enhance the Bead Bar’s ability to do business.


The Bead Bar currently has six studios, five franchise locations, and Bead Bar on Board. Bead Bar on Board is a location that travels extensively on board a cruise ship. Bead Bar currently utilizes nine desktop personal computers as well as two notebook computers.

Each manager has a specific need for the network. The President of the company desires technology that will not infringe on the visual appeal of the studio and franchise locations by requiring exposed wiring. The Vice President of Studios would like all of the studios to be connected to the headquarters. The Vice President of Franchises would like franchisees to have access to the network. The Vice President of Bead Bar on Board wants to be able to access the network from on board the cruise ship. The Chief Financial Officer is concerned with the cost of implementing a network and believes that wireless technology will serve their purposes. The Vice President of Marketing and Sales would like to utilize the connection between the studios to gather information for future marketing campaigns. The Vice President of Operations and Purchasing would like the network to create better efficiency. The Director of Human Resources would like the capability of utilizing electronic forms. He is also concerned with hiring a network administrator and creating a secure network environment.

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