Compare and Contrast Community Psychology and Public Health Approaches to Social Problems

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Naaheed Raboobee

Community and Health Psychology

Assignment 1

Critically compare and contrast the community psychology and public health approaches to social problems.


1. Introduction to essay Page 1

2. Community psychology

2.1 Background Page 3

2.2 Principles and aims Page 4

2.3 Models

2.4.1 Mental health model Page 4

2.4.2 Social Action model Page 5

2 Public Health

3.1 Background Page 5

3.2 Principles and aims Page 6

3.3 Model Page 7

3 Conclusion Page 7

4 References page 8

1. Introduction

Community psychology and public health are two approaches that are utilized to obtain understanding and prevention strategies to social problems. The following essay shall discuss these approaches with regard to principles, aims and models that are followed by each to achieve awareness. In addition this essay will also point out the strengths and weaknesses and differences as well as show how these approaches complement each other.

2. Community Psychology

2.1 Background

Community psychology is a sub-discipline of psychology concerned with mental health and social behaviour. It deals with the theoretical side of mental health, for example gathering the information that is needed to realize where problem areas lie with regard to mental health and illness in particular communities. It was developed in America during 1965 at the Swampscott Conference. During this era there was some concern about the lack of resources and treatment facilities in addition to the impact of social systems on the human psyche, as mentioned in Tutorial Letter 102 PYC4811. It was then that it was noted of the effects of social variables like poverty and alienation on mental health (Iscoe & Spielberger, (1977). This is when community psychology came to be regarded as a remedy for all diseases and ills which posed a threat to the larger...