Network Topologies

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In a bus topology the devices, like a computer, server, and/or printer, connect to a common central cable that is called a bus or a backbone. This type of topology is the simplest of the network topologies. The devices that are connected to the bus are workstations (computers), servers, and peripherals. These devices are connected to the linear cable known as a bus. Some advantages of the bus topology are that they are inexpensive and it is easy to connect new devices to the network by connecting the devices to the bus. A disadvantage of a bus topology is that if there is a break in the main cable the whole network is shut down. This can make it difficult on determining why the main cable failed. Another disadvantage is that terminators are required at both ends of the cable. Despite these disadvantages this topology is the most widely used in business because of the low cost and how simple the configuration is.

In a star topology a hub is used to connect the devices together. The hub receives data transmissions and routes them to the destination they need to be at. The hub manages and controls the functions of the network. If the network needs to be reconfigured then changes are made to the hub instead of completely rewiring the network. The devices in a star topology are workstations, servers, and peripherals just like the bus topology except a hub is needed in a start topology. An advantage of a star topology is that it is easy to install and wire. A star network is also easy to update. Another advantage is that it is easy to detect problems and remove parts. There are also no disruptions to the network when a device is connected or removed. A disadvantage of a star network is if the hub fails then the network shuts down. A star topology can also be more expensive. Lastly the hub might bottleneck which will slow down the network.

A ring topology makes a ring because each device is connected to two other devices. Data is transmitted from device to...