Career Development Plan Part !1

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Running Head: Job Analysis and Selection

Career Development Plan Part I

Job Analysis and Selection

Yolanda Mack

University of Phoenix


January 15, 2009

Job Analysis and Selection

As we work towards the new strategic direction that EnviroTech and InterClean have envisioned; we must ensure that we take the necessary steps to ensure that we succeed with the company’s new strategy. As many of you know, communication is first and foremost. Therefore, I have provided a detailed report regarding the career development plan for new salesperson positions. As part of my career development plan for the sales department, the first step will be to conduct a job analysis, outline a workforce planning system, and create a selection process for staffing the new sales team. Please read below for more information, and I will continue to provide these reports up until the merger is complete.

Salesperson Job Analysis

The salesperson will be responsible for all solutions-based sales activities in assigned accounts or regions. I observed and interviewed current sales representatives as a method to formulate the job analysis. The duties specified below are critical duties that must be performed daily by the sales team.

1. Sell: Present and sell company products and services to current and potential clients. Abilities required: excellent verbal skills in English; ability to provide single-contact satisfaction; and the ability to solve problems.

2. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service to current and potential clients. Abilities required: excellent verbal skills in English; ability to have the willingness to act as a customer advocate or "champion" when resolving vendor disputes or problems; and a commitment to keep customers up-to-date.

3. Computer Software Applications: Use computer software systems ranging from word processing to data entry. Abilities required: ability to use computer-based spreadsheets, word processing, and database...