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Job Analysis of InterClean and EnviroTech

After the merge of InterClean and EnviroTech, the sales team needs to change their strategies and hire new individuals to help support the new direction of the company. The company has gone from just selling products to a new full-service cleaning solution that will focus on healthcare organizations. To help guide the company, a job analysis plan will need to be created or updated and resulting in hiring of six individuals. The first step is to have a proper job analysis set up.

Job analysis “describes the process of obtaining information about jobs”(Cascio, 2006). The job analysis “usually includes information about the tasks to be done on the job, as well as the personal characteristics(education, experience, specialized training, personality) necessary to do the tasks”(Cascio, 2006). The task of this process will be lead by the human resources department. The steps that EnviroTech and InterClean will take to get an appropriate job analysis will be to evaluate job performance, do employee interviews, and perform observations on the positions in question. The advantages of these methods will show exactly what is being done, “standard as well as nonstandard and mental work”(Cascio, 2006). These methods are more in-depth than having the employees of these positions give a written outline of their current tasks. The downsides of performing these analytical steps will be some jobs containing a high degree of knowledge and training and the possibility of increased suspicion from the workers(Cascio, 2006). These three methods were chosen over critical incidents and structured questionnaires because of the time required and cost to perform. These jobs need to be filled in a timely manner because of the merge. When money allows, the human resources department plans on performing a structured questionnaire to be filled out by every employee to update the records.

After the job analysis is completed, six new...