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Riordan: Corporate Compliance Plan

LAW 531

University of Phoenix

Corporate Compliance Plan

“Riordan Manufacturing was founded in 1991 with prizes patent of the transformation of the substrate plastic strong polymers with a basis of 550 employees and a $46 million projected revenue, (University of Phoenix, 2003).” Riordan Manufacturing produces parts for cars, aircrafts and more.

Current Situation

The company has recently suffered some strategic changes in the production and marketing areas. Some of these recent changes are beginning to affect employee retention numbers. To make a business prosper the company must take care of their employees. Some leaders are concerned that employees may have private information and share it with commercial competitors. Another issue is that management is afraid that employees may leave because of too low wages, no opportunity for advancement and conflict of opinions between employees and management. Is important for the company to find out the problem soon because in the past three months three leaders have left the company; either the problem involves poor incentive packages or low wages Riordan Manufacturing must fix these issues or the projected milestones and deadlines could be affected.

To restructure the company management needs to have a full understanding of the main leaders in management and what they do. Michael O Riordan is the president and founder, Kenneth Collins is vice president of research and development. Hugh McCauley is director of engineering and believes the approach should be outside of the compensation packages and the design work. Charles Lacy is vice president of sales and marketing. He is responsible for the transition to the sales team. Maria Trinh is director of the information. Yvonne McMillan is director of human resources. Really believes misrepresented and believes that does not change anything after the annual survey of...