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Differentiation Points:

1) Approved by FDA


) Specifically for Overweight (BMI


 30)

3) Reducing stress on heart and liver

4)Single dose per day (controlled release feature)


) The side effect (gastrointestinal discomfort) less severe then other (if the patient consumed high level of fat and calories)Target group: Women aged 3


Education level:College or higher

Household Income: $80,000 ++

Concern with health issues caused byoverweight

Willing to change lifestyle and behaviorMetabicalAfter spending millions of dollars for ten years in research anddevelopment, Metabical was finally able to receive FDA approval, makingit the first and only drug to receive FDA approval to meet the needs of customers who have been trying to lose weight. Like with any other newproduct, numerous issues need to be considered before Metabical isactually introduced in the market. Decisions about pricing, packaging anddemand forecast of the product are key to the success of Metabical.Barbara Printup, senior director of marketing for CSP, needs to analyzethe market critically in order to decide the pricing and packaging strategy

and forecast the demand for the product before it is launched. Thedemand forecast and the pricing and packaging strategies all plays asignificant role in determining the long


term success of Metabical becausethe drug market is intensely competitive and only those products whichare marketed with innovative strategies can survive in the market.Packaging decision is the first thing that needs to be taken care of.Since FDA trials showed that most of the people were able to achievetheir weight loss goals by week twelve, the drug would be approved as atwelve


week treatment plan. The major issue that Printup needs toconsider is the number of pills that would be included in each pack.Packing the entire twelve


week supply in one package does sound like agood plan but CSP should not forget that packaging plan directly...