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Elizabeth Buchanan discusses what online research is, who is using the internet for information and who is supplying information via the internet. The interview is also about ethical issues of using the internet for online research by gathering information from secondary sources, whether the sources are reliable or not, the gathering of information from people through survey over the internet, whether the sources are reliable and honest. The interview discusses whether or not an interviewer should be honest about who they are, their gender, etc… when interviewing people over the internet, also if it is ethical to interview or question minors over the internet. The interview discusses who should get credit for work that has been uploaded onto the web and how to give credit to online resources.

My opinion about business research online is that it is very important because it is fast and easier to obtain than traditional research methods. It is important to be able to trust online sources because it is so easy for people to post false information online and many people will see it an believe it, therefore creating and maintaining a website that is informational and truthful is very important and should be encouraged and practiced.

There were a few things that I found interesting in the article regarding online research. Elizabeth Buchanan discussed what online research was and she also talked about confidentiality.

Some of the things I found interesting in the article was the pros and cons of virtual research. Ms. Buchanan mentioned the confidentiality issue and how important confidentiality is and how hard to keep interviews confidential. I totally agree with her thoughts on the subject. It would be extremely difficult to assure that the online subject being interviewed is actually being conducted in private. The violation of privacy is a major concern in research. I personally would not put a lot of trust in a virtual research interview mainly for this reason....