Quantitative Reasoning for Business Overview

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The Quantitative Reasoning for Business Overview document has given me a general idea about how the QRB course is necessary to go through all of the future business courses. The main purpose of the QRB course is to provide both the non-business and business students the knowledge to rejuvenate their memory to solve the mathematic problems, as well as have them become familiar with the language of mathematics. Since I am a student with a non-business degree background, this course will strongly enhance my abilities to disassemble the mathematics equation to a sentence and vice versa. Eventually, by earning this type of knowledge, it will move me to the right direction of my career at Ben Venue.

The Course will provide me the fundamentals of analytical reasoning to solve actual world problems in economics, finance, operation, and accounting. With quantitative reasoning skills, I can combine deductive logic aspects from multiple knowledge dimensions into one strategy for solving quantitative problems more effectively. Typically, when the managers are developing new projects at Ben Venue, the majorities apply a simple calculation and estimate to put an outlook on any projects or situations. “Quantitative literacy involves understanding the role of numbers in the world. It provides the ability to see below the surface and to demand enough information to get at the real issues.” (Porter, 1997)

Virtually, people utilize numbers and numerical relationships on daily basis with the exception of the unsystematic performance. The reflection of the QRB course on the personal skills; such as, statistical information, equations, formats, and quantitative problem solving techniques will enhance the individuals' ability to visualize the subject as a whole and understand how all the pieces will fit in the right place.

Numerical, logical, and statistical reasoning are three principal factors that should be present in any equation which gives a quantitative statement of the total...