Harrison Keyes Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.

Harrison-Keyes is embarking on a new business strategy and entering a critical point in their business development plan. Practices that the company has relied and felt comfortable with are in the process of changing in order to keep up with the new technology and product offerings. The senior management team and board of directors have decided to go on board with the idea of expansion into e-publishing. The change from traditional hardback books has become more trying then originally presented. Strategic alignment, risk management, organizational culture and project structure are key areas of focus to ensure that this transition is successful. This paper will evaluate Harrison-Keyes current situation and ultimately help them to work through the problems that they are currently experiencing.

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The publishing company Harrison-Keyes was experiencing a decline in revenue, a decrease in sales and problems with acquiring new customers. They have decided to begin to offer books online. The force and developer of the idea for e-publishing came from the new CEO of Harrison-Keyes Meg McGill. The leaders believe that the addition of Meg would help to jumpstart the company and move publishing into a new and more innovative phase of business. The first decision that Meg made was to introduce e-books to the Harrison-Keyes product line. Although very forward thinking and innovative this change would set precedent for Harrison-Keyes. The change to e-publishing will introduce Harrison-Keyes to an audience that they never had access to without embracing technology and its advances. Harrison-Keyes had to prepare their current computer systems for the change over to e-books; they had to update their systems in order for them to handle the e-book business that will develop with the offering of e-publishing. The authors of Harrison-Keyes are also not pleased with the transition to e-books because...