Abolished Slavery

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Slavery was abolished in the United States after the North won the Civil War against the South. The emancipation of the slaves was a combination of top-down and bottom-up “cooperation”. The government of the North was trying to put an end to slavery in the country. Headed by Abraham Lincoln, the North made their stand against slavery but to maintain order within the government, Lincoln made an argument that the North’s reason for an attack on the South was that the South wanted to become their own country and Lincoln believed in a unified nation. As the war progressed, the change in reasoning became apparent. The war was taking place to end slavery and the sides had been taken.

At the start of the war, some slaves were still very loyal to their masters and they were without a reason to revolt, but as the war progressed, freedom was more evident. The Union army was moving south and slaves of the South were joining the Northern forces and others were moving into the Union territories away from the South. The smell of freedom stretched across the South and the Confederacy ran into problems from within, as the slaves started to revolt, while the Union army was marching down their throat.

The emancipation of slavery was put into motion by the government of Northern principles and with the South taking such excessive measures as to secede from the states, the North was given another reason to attack, one that would be easier to convince congress to wage war on the South. After the war was started, the next step towards emancipation was taken by the slaves themselves. They had found hope of independence and the vigor to get away from their masters. With the final straw being the South’s defeat to the North, the slaves were emancipated.

Slavery has now found a way back into the modern world. There are a few reasons for the resurrection of slavery around the world. One is the recent population explosion around the world, with most of the growth taking place in the...