Ethical Issues in the Work Place

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Ethical Issues in the Work Place

Favoritism in the workplace is becoming very common. It creates a very stressful environment and undermines somebody’s confidence. Favoritism occurs when a person is being treated better than others, is promoted faster than others, given more leeway to do whatever this person pleases without really following the rules established in the workplace for no valid reason.

The first steps for making a decision in this type of scenario, is to analyze the issue and recognize it is an ethical matter simply because the situation damages someone self confidence and self esteem.

Before implanting any rules or strategies, facts need to be gathered. Important evidence needs to be found before deciding if the allegation is true. Also in depth investigation needs to be made with every person involved.

The third step is to evaluate the options and apply the most appropriate ethical approach. Once this is done, the decision needs to be made. Ethical decisions are not easy and therefore it is important to follow up the outcome of the decision and reflect on it.

The work industry has realized favoritism among other ethical issues is causing a lot of stress to employees and as a result is affecting the bottom line since employers are having to deal with people being sick or absent. Some companies use the following steps to help with stress in the work place.

• Empower people and given freedom to perform their job

• Create healthy challenges that can allow employees to grow

• Coach employees and provide them with the necessary tools to do their job.

• Look for warning signs of stress many times generated from other environments that have nothing to do with work and provide support and understanding.

• Listen with respect what the employee has to say and give positive feedback.

Favoritism is something that all employees can usually agree on. No matter how dedicated a person may be to his or her work, can feel as though no matter...