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Russian scientist is responsible for classical conditioning. Classical Conditioning was also known as Pavlovian conditioning which was used in regarding changing a learning behavior. Classical Conditioning was or is a type of learning that was developed by Ivan Pavlov which would bring fame to his name. . It was his experimentation with dogs and their salivation response to introduced stimuli (first food, then food and the ringing of a bell and finally simply the ringing of the bell itself) that introduced the beginnings of behavioral theory and associative learning so this brought on an onset of experiments to see what type of learning and animal or a dog would do before with the first sight of food. With classical conditioning there are circumstances that happen, then possible actions and then the outcome in which there could be positive emotional responses. In describing classical conditioning psychologists would begin with a stimulus that would trigger a response out of the subject. Unconditioned Stimulus – Unconditioned Response (before conditioning), neutral conditioned stimulus (no effect), and conditioned stimulus – conditioned Response (after conditioning)(Olsen, 2009).

A possible scenario for the use of classical conditioning might be in training a child to dust a room in the house using a variant of a "hunt" game. In this case the neutral stimulus would be buttons, objects which on their own would not normally elicit a response. Each button found may be traded for a privilege (desire for pleasure - unconditioned stimulus) Hide the buttons around the room in strategic locations that the child must dust in order to find. Smaller buttons are hidden in places the child is more likely to forget to dust and may be traded for larger (or longer) privileges. The child will learn that finding the buttons (and thus doing a fantastic job at dusting) is the best way of earning privileges, allowing the privilege to become the conditioned stimulus . Over time...