Abortion Argument

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The unborn fetus is commonly destroyed today due to the right of having

an abortion. Many women are taking advantage of this right and others are highly

arguing it. There are four different types of abortion known, but induced abortion

is by far the most commonly argued. When a woman has an induced abortion,

she is allowing the unborn fetus to destroyed and removed from her body. I

have never had an abortion before, but I have been around many people that have

and therefore understand the possible outcomes that may occur. My good friend

in Utah got pregnant at a young age and found out that an abortion was needed in

order for her to continue living in a healthy way. Although an abortion helped her

physically, her mental health was affected highly knowing that she had let herself

go through with the process.

According to dictionary.com, the term abortion refers to removing or

expulsing an embryo or fetus from the uterus, resulting in or caused by its death.

Abortion can be traced back to ancient times and there are many reasons why

women tend to go through the process. The crime rate in the community, the sex

of the baby, and many other personal reasons contribute highly to the idea of

getting an abortion. Abortion has become an issue in the world today and

everybody should be aware of it.

People may agree to get an abortion because they believe that there

are more risks involved in going through childbirth. In some cases in the

past, mothers have died after giving birth or spent days in the hospital.

Although this is not common, it is the most used argument when it comes to

dealing with the issues of the risks involved. From this point of view,

women are saying that they want to be able to have an abortion if they

themselves are at risk of dying or harming their health.(Wikipidia)

Abortion should continue to be available legally because many...