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Moses: A Faithful Leader

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February 7, 2012

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Moses: A Faithful Leader

The leadership trait that I find most intriguing about Moses is his humble obedience in leadership. Though Moses was given extreme power and influence in his day, power which could have easily given cause to self-interest and arrogance, Moses nevertheless demonstrated throughout his life a meek obedience to God’s leadership. In essence, though Moses can rightly be seen as one of the most amazing leaders in history, Moses’ leadership was really more acting as a vessel for God’s leadership over God’s people.

Moses: The Individual in the Organization

God brought Moses through life experiences that prepared Moses to have affiliation with both the Israelites and the Egyptians, yet not feeling fully aligned with either. Moses was born a Hebrew, but when he was cast by his mother into the river to avoid slaughter, God led Moses to be taken in by the royal family and raised with the best education and privilege. Moses killed an Egyptian for abusing a fellow Israelite, and unlike the heroic image Bible stories may portray of Moses, when challenged on his actions, Moses fled to the desert. It is noteworthy that in so doing, Moses forfeited power and influence in both the Hebrew and the Egyptian community.

Moses was content to live as a shepherd, but God spoke to Moses in the burning bush and called Moses to lead the children of Israel out of bondage. It is interesting that Moses can be in communication with God through a burning bush, and yet try to convince God that he was not the best candidate for leadership. Moses often argued with God about getting out his leadership duties, based mostly on Moses’ perceived lack of talent, skill, or influence. This speaks to Moses’ lack of drive for power and to his humility.

Unlike what we typically think of as a powerful business leader, Moses was not looking...