Abortion: Legal or Illegal? Moral or Immoral?

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Abortion has been around about argument for years on whether it should be legal or illegal or if it is moral or immoral. In this world there are people that are pro-choice or people that are pro-life. First, I will tell you the differences about pro-choice and pro-life. Then I will give you my opinion that many people might agree upon or many people might disagree upon. The definition to "pro-choice is the belief in the right to choose to terminate a fetus (fertilized embryo). Pro-choice is also a movement which fights for the rights of women to have a choice to end unwanted pregnancies." Those that are pro-choice also believe the fetus should not be considered a life until it can live outside of the mother's womb. People who are pro-choice believe that the fetus is part of the woman's body so it should be her choice to have the abortion. They believe the fetus is a blob of tissue and every woman should have control of her own body. Pro-choice people do not think that the fetus should be in the equation if the mother wants to end the pregnancy. They also have an argument that the fertilized egg is alive but so are sperm and eggs but the body rids itself of that all the time. When women go through menstrual cycles and when man masturbates potential beings are being disposed of and no one will say that is illegal or immoral. Pro choice stands for the rights of the mother to want to end her pregnancy regardless of why. (Abortiontv.com) Bonnie Steinbock is a Philosophy Professor from the University of Albany and she says "A newborn can feel, react and perceive. It cries when it is hungry or stuck with needles. Very soon after birth it cries from boredom or loneliness as well and can be soothed by being rocked and held. By contrast, the first trimester fetus cannot think, feel or perceive anything. It is certainly alive and human, but it feels and is aware of nothing; it is more like a gamete, which is also alive and human, than a baby."(Waller, 2008. pg.268). I would...