Human Resources Management in the Health Care Industry

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Human Resources Management in the Health Care Industry

HCS/341 - Human resources in Health Care

Instructor: Joanne Kronstedt

Althea McDaniel

University of Phoenix


When referring to health care, human resources is defined as follows, a different kind of “clinical and none clinical staff” which is responsible for individual and public health “intervention”. The health system inputs are the performance and the benefits that the system can deliver. This depends on the knowledge, motivation and skills of the individuals who are responsible for delivering health services. To ensure success, there must be a sense of stability between human and physical resources. It is critical to keep an appropriate combination between unlike types of “health promoters and caregivers.” The association between human resources and health care is difficult. In the journal titled, “The importance of human resources management in health care” it states that health care consumables are increasing astronomically in numbers and cost. ("The importance of," 2006).

Human resources management in the health care Industry

Out of need, health care providers had to rely on human resources professionals because legal protection for employees flourished. Public health has not been very fast in embracing human resources because they are a small workforce and their budgets limit their ability to afford full-time human resources staff/employees. There are other health related organizations, such as independent labs and freestanding clinics, and these labs and freestanding clinics do not have adequate staffing that will allow them to justify full-time human resources professionals, and because of this, they do not receive the benefits of human resources capabilities.

Human resources management is a very important role in health care systems and services, and based on research and studies, human resources management techniques helps to improve the...