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Analysis of Camas para Suenos

When analyzing the painting the first step is to identify particular visual elements that have cultural meaning:

1.Figures (clothes, posture, face, expression, hair, placement) How are the people positioned? What do they look like? How are the interacting?

There are 2 girls on the roof and one woman is in 1 of the bedrooms of the house, the 2 girls are wearing matching outfits (a shirt and capri's) but in different colors (blue & red). The woman is wearing a yellow dress with a white apron. The girls have short brown hair - shoulder length and the woman has long brown hair that is pulled back in a low bun. The woman inside is by herself - looks like she is putting a sheet on the bed and the girls are on the roof looking at the moon - the girl in blue is laying down and the girl in red is sitting and pointing at the moon. All 3 are dressed as if it were a nice summer night.

1.Background (location, detail, relation to figure) What does the background look like? Is the figure comfortable against this background? Is there a conflict?

The location is a house, it is a light gray colored house with dark gray trimming and a brown roof. The house looks old but well taken care of there is a full moon in the sky and has come clouds around it. The window of the house has white curtains draping the window. The houses garden has a tree that is tall and green it also has a scrub and a flower bed in front of the window that has yellow flowers. Behind the tree you can see a brown wooden fence. Everyone looks happy and content.

1.Objects (what they are; why are they there; what they look like or are made of) How do the objects reflect on the values of the figure? How does the figure use them?

The woman inside of the house has bed sheet that she is putting on the bed, its orange in color. Inside the house there is a cross hanging on the wall - it symbolize that they are a religious family.

1.Color (bright, contrasting, monochromatic;...