Magazine Article Analysis

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Magazine Article Analysis

This study will examine the article titled ‘New Ways to Think of Grief’ by Ruth Davis Konigsberg in Time Magazine. This study will analyze the post-modern views of the article, and then arguing that the post-modern approach is more able to provide the reader with a fuller appreciation of the heart and soul of the work. The post-modern approach includes both, the feminist and post-structuralism analytic views.

Davis’s article is particularly useful in this study because it offers itself up so willingly for both the feminist and post-modernist schools. While the feminist approach does not let the reader fully understand the complexities of the article, the post-modern approach offers great insight into how the authoress addressed the traditional topic in a non-traditional way (Konisberg, 2011).

The author’s revolutionary approach to grief is signified by the addition of the word ‘new’ to its headline and the usage of the word ‘myth’ in the sub-sections of the article. Under each head, she has quoted examples of various researches which establish her credibility. Throughout the article she is trying to emphasize that it is time to move beyond our current habit of using untested theories to create unnecessarily lengthy and agonizing models to deal with grief.

The article has particularly targeted ‘On Death And Dying’ written by Elisabeth Kubler Ross which is considered as modern day literature on dealing with grief. The author points out the shortcomings in the highly acclaimed book which because of its prescriptive nature was widely adopted by clinical psychologists. This approach appealed because of its intuitive sense and enabled society to move on from the concept of death developed after World War One (Kubler-Ross, 1997).

Reading magazines is one way how people internalize – that is, are socialized into – their culture’s world of meaning. These articles can also be thought as cultural resources because of the widespread fame of the...