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My student survival guide will include all the concepts that I have learned in my Gen 105 class Skills for Learning in an Info Age. They include the following:


Axia has many educational resources I am able to use to my advantage. There is the Center for Writing Excellence where I am able to view and study tutorial guides and writing manuals on various topics such as grammar, punctuation and writing an effective paper. I can submit a paper that I have written to be checked for plagiarism to make sure that I am not submitting someone else’s work. I can also check for grammatical and punctuation errors or to see if my paper has been properly formatted. Axia has a library with multiple databases I able to use for research various topics. They also have a multitude of workshops for students to take. There are workshops for new students, learning personal skills, math and statistics and the list goes on. Axia’s educational resources has something for everyone that wants to make their college experience a little easier.


To maintain academic honesty I will site all resources and authors to ensure that I am not submitting work other than my own. Should I need to use another person’s words, I will be sure to use quotation marks around their quoted material and include footnotes to indicate the source of the quotation. I will not borrow the composition of another person’s phrases or sentences without giving credit to the author from which it came. I will not use a writing service or have anyone other than myself to write for me. I will never submit large portions of the same paper to two classes without talking with the second instructor. Should I not use these guidelines I know that there can and will be consequences for my actions.


In order for me to succeed, I must set goal for my success. I will define my goals and outline the steps that I need to achieve those...