Gene One Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: Gene One

Adaptation as it relates to developmental changes is a key skill that companies need to attain to be successful. This paper outlines the challenges and opportunities facing Gene One and how it can focus these problems to begin establishing an effective implementation strategy. Gene One’s need to match demand with innovative growth requires a careful analysis of the stakeholder perspectives coupled with well-prepared objectives. Gene One is dedicated to being the industries most innovative and influential bio-agricultural company and the decisions they make now are critical to reaching that desired potential.

Gene One started as a small start-up company that entered the biotech industry with a revolutionary gene technology that eradicated disease in tomatoes and potatoes. From that discovery Gene One has catapulted itself to a $400 million company in only eight years of existence. In addition, Wall Street’s interest in the biotech industry has increased leading Gene One’s CEO, Don Ruiz, to believe that increased demand must be met with an initial public offering (IPO). To continue to be a successful competitor, Gene One needs to address the challenges presented with going public to capitalize on the recent industry opportunities.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Gene One’s proven success over the last eight years will still not provide the preparation required to meet the challenges of going public. The uncertainty of change has already met with skepticism among employees. Gene One started out as a small start-up and even though they quickly grew, the culture is not favorable for the type of growth that Gene One hopes to attain. According to McShane and Glinow, ”organizational culture is learned, so an effective network of cultural transmission is necessary to strengthen the company's underlying assumptions, values, and beliefs” (McShane & Glinow, pg63). This is Gene One’s opportunity to take...