Change Management

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Change Management:

In order to effectively be a leader, one must take advantage of the many facts of change management and how change management effectively builds goals and promotes the work abilities of those that they are leading. A change manager oversees the design of an intervention strategy. This person has overall responsibility for assessing the need for change, determining the appropriate intervention activities, implementing a strategy, and evaluating the results. Depending on the organization this individual can be one person or the organization can elect to develop parallel structures for introducing change – one person responsible for managing change and another for ongoing management functions. It is important to understand that change management is a process. The process of change management is indicated below:

* Define change management strategy

* Prepare change management team

* Develop sponsorship model

* Develop change management plans

* Take actions and implement plans

* Collect and analyze feedback

* Diagnose gaps and manage resistance

* Implement corrective actions and celebrate successes

Large and small organizations can utilize the implementation of new technologies to keep up with growing competition. Technology provides competitive advantages and gives organizations an advantage in multiple areas, such as sales, administration, and production. An example of how large companies have used technology is allowing online orders of goods and services. I think about Best Buy for example, customers are able to order online without even having to drive to the “Big Box” location to purchase. Technology of online purchases has expanded the company’s business. I would think that this would be a proeactive change because it has provided another method and manner for the company to expand, grown business, and the process of ordering can be a lot simpler when ordering from your own home. A smaller...