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High Cotton Clothing Co.

5825 Old Bullard Rd. Suite #600, Tyler Texas 75703

High Cotton Clothing Co.

5825 Old Bullard Rd. Suite #600, Tyler Texas 75703

Job Analysis


Owner & Manager of Premier Specialty (MEN’S BOUTIQUE)


TECH 4320


Table of Contents

Organizational Summary

Organizational Chart


Duty Worksheet

Task Worksheet

Element Worksheet

Physical Requirements/Working Conditions

Minimum Qualifications

Job Description

Job Announcement

Job Safety Analysis

DOT / O*Net Listing

Job Analysis Interview

Interview Report Summary

Organizational Summary

I have Chosen Wade Fender the owner of High Cotton Clothing; he is who I decided to choose to interview. He is my current career model; his career is something that I would like to pursue in the near future. I am currently working with Wade and High Cotton Clothing on a daily basis to see just that. I have conducted a thirty minute interview with Mr. Fender, regarding questions about his career. I have also written a summary of the interview in how it gave me a better understanding of his job.

Childhood friends Ty Yarborough and Wade Fender opened the doors of High Cotton in summer, 2011.

While attending college and traveling to countless Football games across the Big 12 and SEC, Ty and Wade were...