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The first thing I’ll admit is that I’m not normally the non-fiction type. Before starting “Blink” I never really had any interest in it. The first thing I noticed upon starting the introduction was that “Blink” was going to be a book that was going to make me think. And it did. Through the introduction and the first two chapters of the book I had so many questions and was able to make so many references back to my own life. The fact that Gladwell writes like he’s speaking to each of us individually is one of the main things that grabbed my attention to the book in the first place. I don’t know about anybody else but I enjoy a book that I can relate to easily. Also the questions that “Blink” made me ask weren’t just mundane, everyday questions, they were deep and they really made me think. In the introduction one thing I found most interesting was Gladwell’s explanation on page fourteen about why the Getty was so easily fooled by the Kouros. It made an idea form in my mind that some people are thought to be infallible because of their status in society, and that that fact is so glaringly untrue because, let’s be honest, everybody makes mistakes. Chapter one was such an eye-opener. It was section that made me realize all the unconscious things that I do in my own life. One thing I particularly liked in this chapter is how Gladwell is straight forward when he discusses the books themes. He’s blatant about what he wants you to understand, yet at the same time he writes in a style that makes me feel as if he really wants to prove his points without forcing his own opinions on me. I also strongly agreed with Gladwell’s logic about how it’s better to focus on the small details of life. I think that putting more focus on the grander aspects creates more generalization and makes people forget that we’re all individuals with unique reactions and responses to everyday life. Chapter two only furthered my attraction to the book. The “primed for action” section had me...