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Information systems are crucial to the functionality of all organizations, and the information that those systems require be inputted has to be accurate to guarantee the output information that the organization requires. Due to the fact that the input and output of data is very important it is even more critical that all users and organizations relying on the information ensure this accuracy. The best way to ensure accuracy is to verify that input and output data are being processed with the correct methods. One other important aspect to ensuring the accuracy of input and output is for organizations to verify that they are using appropriate storage devices for their needs. Storage devices are optimal for different situations so if an incorrect storage device is being used then that will also create problems with the accuracy of data input and output. By ensuring these methods and knowing what storage devices are optimal it will help lessen room for error and provide accurate data with the ease of convince and quality.

To help insure the accuracy of input data the following are five examples of what methods are best. In each example I will state whether a manual form of input or an automated form of input would work best to ensure the most accurate data and why.

• Printed questionnaires

The most accurate way for this data input would be for a manual terminal entry. Printed questionnaires usually consist of written words and some handwriting is hard to read. By manually entering these it would ensure that words are accurate.

• Telephone Survey

Automated voice-recognition input systems would work best to ensure accuracy during a phone survey. This is a system that would register numbers based on the responses of the survey and would be easy to ensure accuracy.

• Bank Checks

Manual entry is required to ensure accuracy of bank checks. Even though bank checks can be processed through partial automation with a MICR, manual entry is still required for the amounts...