Literature Review - the Effect of Brand Image on Consumer Purchasing Behavior on University Students in Klang Valley.

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This chapter basically discusses related literature that is directly related to the research topic. Review of related literature is in imperative in order to provide a clear understanding of the overall background of inadequate research studies done on this particular topic discussion in this chapter has covered topic related to the effect of brand image on consumer purchasing behavior on university students in Klang Valley.

1. Literature review

Brand, it is a symbol, name, phrase, design or any of the combination above. The use of brand is to bring ease to everyone in identifying a product and tell it’s apart from its competitors. A product with brand name and logo is given its identity, value and meaning. According to Prasana Rosaline Fernandez (2009), to fully understand the potential of branding in terms of its growth in markets, marketers are more likely to identify the sources of brand meaning, understanding the meaning, and also to manage it in a fast changing environment. Brand image is also important for fashion clothing as it can help represent a person identity (Kwok Kueng Tam, 2007). Besides, shopping is also one of the most popular entertainments among people no matter in what age rage, gender, and background. The purchasing processes alienated into three different stages which are the stage of pre-purchase, stage of purchase and stage of post-purchase. Each of the stages is equally importance that it can change the consumer buying decision. Consumer may need to be familiar with the possible need if their product, at least generally understanding the product, decides where to buy and which to buy, and lastly settle on whether to buy from the same seller after they have make any purchasing decision. Consumer will also be able to choose the buying modes, show satisfaction to the product and services quality, then finally come to being loyal to a satisfy brand.

2.1 Target market and age group

As in the research, it perception...