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2011 November 15th CMU Men’s Basketball Game

Marketing Plan Sections

I. Goals

II. Objectives

III. Target Markets

IV. Advertising Overview

V. Event Ideas

VI. Local Businesses

Section I: Goals

The main goal of promoting the Central Michigan Men’s Basketball game vs. Charlotte on November 15th, is to encourage reoccurring student attendance while filling the stands to max capacity.

Student attendance is crucial to the atmosphere of “game day” in many ways. It makes our players feel recognized while providing a positive outlook on Central Michigan Athletics as a whole.

By successfully promoting the game on November 15th , we hope to draw attention from students all around campus, making them a firm supporter of Central Michigan Athletics through out the year.

▪ Increase student attendance as well as allegiance

▪ Generate a consistent student section for upcoming basketball games

▪ Promote awareness of other Central Michigan Athletic teams

Section II: Objectives


▪ Fill the student section of the November 15th basketball game

▪ Increase the student population at all basketball games

▪ Generate a consistent student section for upcoming basketball games

▪ Provide a winning atmosphere for Central Michigan Athletes


▪ To bring the student attendance to 1,500 for the November 15th Men’s Basketball game

▪ To increase the average season attendance by more than 35% compared to the 2010/11 season

Section III: Target Markets

CMU Students:

Students are the heart and soul of Central Michigan, and without their support it is hard for the CMU Athletic Program to be recognized for their prestige. By reaching out and promoting to these students we have a...