The King’s Speech: a Synopsis and Review on Its Customer Service Representation

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The King’s Speech is a critically-acclaimed film about a British Royalty who was experiencing stuttering problems. This is a recount of the story of King George VI (played by Colin Firth), who initially and throughout the film, was known as Bertie or Prince Albert, the Duke of York. Essentially, this film is a depiction of how this royal blood was able to overcome and rise above the speech impediment that he was suffering from.

The movie starts with a painfully embarrassing speech delivered by Albert in front of his people at the British Empire Exhibition. His compassionate wife, Elizabeth (played by Helena Bonham Carter) felt deeply the humiliation suffered by her husband so she seeks out for help. She finds Lionel Logue (played by Geoffrey Rush), an Australian speech therapist who was known for his unconventional ways of speech treatment and his penchant for becoming a Shakespearean actor in a play.

Because of the many failed attempts to correct his speech problems before which included the encouragement of the habit of smoking and the stuffing of marbles into his mouth, Albert swears he would never attempt or try another treatment once and for all. Elizabeth, however, eventually was able to persuade Albert to go about and meet Logue.

During the first meeting of the two, Logue demanded from Albert that they call each other on a first name basis. A brief session occurred and they both had a rough start with Albert walking out. But being part of the British Royalty and the need to commit to public speaking duties, Albert returned and began working with Logue. They both struck a friendship as his public speaking skills improved through time.

It wasn’t long before Albert was struck with another conflict when his father, King George V (played by Michael Gambon) died. His brother David, the Prince of Wales (played by Guy Pearce) assumed the throne as King Edward VIII. However, Edward wanted to marry Wallis Simpson (played by Eve Best) and this prompted Albert to...