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AUSTRALIAN TRIVIA 2011 Questions and Answers Sport 1. How many times has Jonathan Thurston won the Dally M medal? 2. Which famous Australian motorsport driver died in 2006? 3. Which Australian swimmer won 4 gold medals at the Sydney 2000 Olympic games? 4. How many gold medals did Australia win in the 2000 Olympic games? 5. What yacht race is held on Boxing Day every year? 6. Who did the Socceroos beat to make it to the World Cup 2006? 7. Which Australian boxing great fought Muhammed Ali? 8. Who was the last AFL player to kick 100 goals in a season? 9. What s the Australian Netball team called? 10. Which Australian swimmer is the world record holder in the 1500m?

Answers 1. 2 2. Peter Brock 3. Ian Thorpe 4. 16 5. Sydney to Hobart 6. Uruguay 7. Joe Bugner 8. Lance Buddy Franklin 9. Diamonds 10. Grant Hackett


1. When did Great Britain stop sending convicts to Australia? 2. Which ship of the First Fleet was first to land in Botany Bay? 3. Who was the first Govenor of NSW? 4. What was the Hyde Park Barracks used for? 5. What was Tasmania s former name? 6. How long was construction on the Sydney Harbour Bridge? 7. What year was the Coke Sign at Kings Cross first built? 8. Where in Victoria was Ned Kelly captured? 9. Who was the first prime minister of Australia? 10. What year did the First Fleet arrive in Botany Bay?

Answers 1. 1860 2. Supply 3. Arthur Phillip 4. To house convict men and boys and later women 5. Van Dieman s land 6. 8 years 7. 1975 8. Glenrowan 9. Edmund Barton 10. 1788

Geography 1. What s the longest river in Australia? 2. What s the highest point in Australia? 3. What is the approximate circumference of Uluru in kilometeres? 4. What is the sea in between Tasmania and Victoria? 5. What percentage of Australia s land mass does WA cover? 6. In what state is Australia s highest waterfall? 7. What is the largest desert in Australia? 8. The Sydney Opera House sits on Bennelong point in Sydney, what s the aboriginal name? 9. Which city...

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