Individual Frame of Reference

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Individual Frame of Reference

Individual frame of reference helps us to understand a way of thinking about individuals which makes it easier to understand from their own point of view and thus enable us to become more effective in understanding and anticipating individual needs, wants and problem.

There are two difficulties in using any set of idea to understand another problem:

1. It is very difficult to separate one’s own subjective point of view of another person from how that person is apt to see himself, second problem in trying to understand other person grows out of a familiar paradox ,”you can’t understand other people until you understand yourself; but you cannot understand yourself until you understand others”humanbehaviour may be observed from at least 2 very frame of reference from the point of view of the behaviour himself

2. Looking at the behaviour in the first way you can observe the behaviour of he others and situation in which such behaviouroccours.In the second approach we seek to understand behaviour by making attempts to understand the behaviour of the individual in terms of “how things seem to him”

3. That is how the person sees himself herself and the situation from his/her own point of view. For this we have to temporary suspend our own idea/viewof the other person ,so that our idea of how ought to behave do not get in the way of understanding his frame of reference.Individualfrme of reference assumes that each person sees the world uniquely dependent on his own past experiences and his own personal meaning

4. Self Concept is an internalised set of relatively stable perceptions that a person has of himself and of who he is. A person self concept changes over time, but slowly and selectively. A person’s Self Concept develops in relation to past experience and the meaning a person makes from this experience. Self concept is an abstraction and not directly observable, so it must be inferred.