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Steps I normally follow when I have an assignment to complete. First I would pick a topic to write about then I would take my time to read about the topic. Afterwards I would write down all the things I read about that would be good to write about in my assignment. Then I would think about how I would start off my paper which would be my introduction. Once you have a good way to start off your paper you will have a better chance of writing a good paper. I’m not the kind of person that would procrastinate when regarding my school work. My school work would be my first priority. The strategy I would use to make sure that my assignments are completed I would go to a quiet area so I can stay focus on my work and nothing else. Then I will be able to turn my work in on time.

Essentials of College Writing (2010) Kathy Sole

Chapter 4, Developing a College Paper

The process I would follow when I’m getting ready to begin my writing assignment. I would analyze everything that I need to accomplish within my work. Then I would build a tree so I could break down everything piece by piece. Yes, I do use some of the techniques to help me generate better ideas for my paper. My method of generating ideas works very well for me. Analyzing everything is a good way to start off so that I can gather information. Then by building a tree with all the information I have I’ll be ready to begin breaking that information down so it would make it even easier for me to get more information. Free writing is one of the techniques I never used. When I tried to write by using this technique it made it a little harder for me. I could not just write and come up with ideas to write about. I have to search for something that I like so that I can read about it then it will be easier for to come up with ideas. Essentials of College Writing (2010) Kathy Sole

Chapter 4, Developing a College Paper