The Meaning of Art

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The Meaning of Art

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January 11, 2011

The Meaning of Art

What Art Means

Art can mean many things to many people. Pictures are considered works of art, sculptures are considered works of art, poetry and stories also fall under the same category. Art is an outward expression of the way one feels or the thoughts one wants to portray. People paint, write song lyrics, dance, design cars or buildings, put items others consider trash into what they consider something useful and do many other things to express themselves in what can be considered a work of art.

How Culture and Art are Related

Culture is closely related to art because the society in which one lives has a direct impact on the thoughts and feelings he or she possesses. Culture represents the shared feelings, beliefs, attitudes and way of life among a group of people. The way one performs acts on a regular basis will influence what type of art one chooses to portray and any specific designs on a piece of artwork. A painter may paint pictures of people, buildings, material items used regularly, or abstract representations of how he feels. A dancer may create a routine to summarize exercises or activities in order for them to be remembered in the future.

Examples of Art and American Culture

Many examples exist showing the relationship between art and American culture. One example of the relationship is through the exhibition “Grass Roots: African Origins of an American Art.” The exhibit features African American basketry because it is considered the oldest form of African art in America. The baskets are considered a form of art used to preserve the heritage in museum to be acknowledged and shown to future generations (Schildkrout, 2009).

Another example of art and culture’s relationship exists at the Biennial exposition in the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Biennial display has...