Supply Chain Management of Zara

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Supply Chain Management of Zara


Max Panych


DIT DT303/2


Executive Summary

Globalization has wide doors of opportunities for firms to contact and explore new markets. Now author than ever, supplying business management plays a key role for organizational success for those that aim to amplify their industry achieve around the orb. This material discusses perhaps one of the most excellent organizations when it comes to supply concern direction. Zara is famed around the experience as one of the most prospering provider of make products. This medium presents a description of provide distributor management including its elements and components. The opposite stages of Zara's give formation and their contributions to the coverall efficiency and effectively of Zara's business display are discussed. Lastly, the press discusses the incompatible.


 One of the most dominating fashion stores on the world is Zara. Zara is known for its trendy and always fresh fashion products and most importantly its supply chain management system. In this project we are closely going to look at the different elements of Zara’s supply chain and how they are managed and how they became successful because of it.


In 1963, Amancio Ortega started a small company in Spain that manufactured women’s pyjamas and lingerie products for garment wholesalers. In 1975, after a German customer cancelled a sizable order, the firm opened its forts Zara retail shop. The original intent was simply to have an outlet for cancelled orders but the experience taught the firm the importance of a marriage between manufacturing and retailing – a lesson that guided the evolution of the company ever since.

From a starting point of 6 stores in 1979, the company established retail operations in all the major Spanish cities during the 1980’s. In 1988 the first overseas Zara store opened in Porto, Portugal, followed shortly by New York City in 1989 and...