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Ericsson Refreshed

Live Case 2011-11-18

Group 6


Internal Challenge and Opportunity

We have chosen to focus on the internal challenge. Our interpretation of the given

challenge is a new problem definition, which we have used to find new possible

solutions for you.

– New competitors and the competitive differentiators

– Motivate, engage and mobilize towards change

– Change Ericsson’s perception of what sells (more than just the product itself)

– Brand as a vehicle for driving change


In order to bring about internal change in a company of Ericsson’s size, it is of outmost

importance that the entire organization with all its 98,000 employees is involved in the

process. The ‘ERICSSON REFRESHED’ movement is a campaign aimed at bringing about

both major and minor changes within the organization, in order to make the

traditionally more ‘Engineering oriented’ Ericsson, better serve its consumers.

Form a Dedicated Team

As every good brand campaign, the Refreshed Movement requires a dedicated team

consisting of experienced professionals from the Brand Management, Marketing and

Human Resources Department.

Create a Buzz (Pre-launch)

The best way to convey the message throughout a highly decentralized and global

organization as Ericsson is through utilizing a wide range of internal and external media

to create hype prior to the actual launch of the campaign.

 Internal Media Channels: the Ericsson Intranet, E-mail, Company Newsletter,

Notice Boards

 External Media Channels: newspapers, television and the Internet.

 Management awareness: The various levels and divisions of management must be

made aware of the concept, reason and the course of action for the campaign.


Ericsson Live Case

Group 6


Launch Extravaganza

To have a lasting impact on the employees, and to highlight the importance of the

movement, it is important to treat the campaign as a significant...