International Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Ipi)

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International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (IPI) is the Philippines' leading manufacturer and distributor of a diversified range of pharmaceutical and health care products which include liniments, ointments, ethyl alcohol and internationally-acclaimed herbal food and beverage products. IPI also engages in the importation and distribution of hospital supplies, diagnostic reagents, bio-medical equipment and analyzers, laboratory disposable and glassware equipment, and various chemicals for medical and health use. Its commitment to continued research and development of high quality and affordable products along standards of world excellence has always been the company's guiding philosophy.

Founded in May 1959, International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (IPI) is based in Cebu City, Philippines. Its sister companies and affiliates include IPI Distillery, Inc.; IPI Realty and Development Corp.; International Winery, Inc.; Mivil Mining Corp.; Philippine Inter-Ads; and Sun Valley Foods.

IPI has a network of branches in the cities of Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Dagupan, Davao, Iloilo, Metro Manila, Tacloban, Tuguegarao and Zamboanga. Aside from the Philippine domestic market, IPI also distributes its products in the Middle-East, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

IPI's pioneering liniment products and ethyl alcohol are among today's market leaders. Its broad based product lines include germicidal bath soap, laundry bar soap and dishwashing detergent cream; vitamins and minerals; pesticides, insecticides and other agricultural supplies; and herbal-based cosmetics, air sanitizers, inhalants and tonic drinks.

Today, IPI continues to enjoy a reputation of a company which manufactures high quality, world class standard products with a high level of production reliability and an extensive distribution network for all its products.