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My original goal in life was to be a teacher. After a few semesters at Emmanuel College, I found that teaching was not for me and found a wonderful Job at WNEG-TV a local television station in Toccoa, where for 10 years of my life I was trained in the everyday operations and learned many skills along the way. But I lost my job in 2008; I briefly traded services for a local hotel in exchange for residence until I was able to get back on my feet. In January 2010 I began my studies in Business Administration where I received my diploma in May of 2011. I wanted to help people with their finances even though I struggled with mine in the past, so I enrolled for the Accounting Degree program. I feel that if I receive this grant, that it would be of great assistance whereas all I receive for funding to go to school at the present moment is the Pell Grant. I have diligently searched for employment while in college to help fund my everyday needs, but I have not been successful in that avenue without being able to let go of my dream. With your help and support I hope to fulfill this dream of mine and make the financial world a better place, the loyalty of a person goes a long way. Please consider me for this award. I promise it will be a great investment that the economy so undeniably needs.

Thank You