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One of the rational perspectives used at the Denver Broncos is identifying alternatives. Various managers get together at meetings to share their ideas and thoughts one how various day to day business should be approached. In these meetings it sometimes can get heated because people tend to feel very confident in their suggestions and are not always open to critique and criticism. The good thing about this approach is that they are able to not take the critique personal and realize that it is always the solution that benefits the team the most that they are looking for. The behavioral perspective that the Broncos use is having the meetings to discuss and evaluate the best decisions that are available to the team and to the company. I think a decision that the company may face is how to generate more revenue from merchandise sales. They may have a meeting where they get together and look at new products from vendors and then they need to decide which products they can use and sell the most of to maximize their ROI. If an employee played a key role in designing or selecting some of the merchandise that may potentially be sold then in this meeting you could see potential for them to become defensive when another employee doesn’t like the product suggestions. In the end they would all work to discuss the merchandise and alternatives and get the situation solved in a timely manner.

I think that the Denver Broncos implement rational decision making perspectives into their everyday processes. By getting together in brainstorming groups and discussing possible ideas, they have the ability to evaluate each idea, it's credibility, pros, and cons. From there they can decide which path would be the best possible way to go. I also believe that this is a rational perspective since it allows for the members of the group to put aside their pride to come to a rational decision. Many people are not able to set aside their personal feelings in order to let someone...