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Social Media Guide for Filipino Entrepreneurs

by: Carlo S. Ople

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Social Media Guide for Filipino Entrepreneurs

by Carlo S. Ople

About the Author

Carlo S. Ople is a Filipino Social Media and Internet Marketing Consultant, motivational public speaker, and all-around nice guy. Some of his prestigious clients include: Senator Mar Roxas, GBX, Bobson Jeans, C2-Collezione, Fish & Co., and Converse. Prior to this, he served as the Digital Marketing Manager of the leading social network in Asia, Friendster, and Marketing Head for the Casual Games Division of the number 1 online gaming publisher in the country, Level Up. Other than his professional consultancy work, Carlo is also part of the managing committee of the Blas F. Ople Policy Center, a non-profit organization that aims to uplift the standard of living of overseas filipino workers and the families that they leave behind. Carlo is engaged to Michelle Orosa and they’re set to get married within the year. :) For inquiries on consultancy and speaking engagements, please visit his website at or you can also send an e-mail to

Social Media Guide for Filipino Entrepreneurs

by: Carlo S. Ople

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Every generation has different sets of opportunities. The environment, landscape, and technology level differs from each decade to the next. Our grandfathers had the advantage of being first in the market when it came to real estate because there were so many undeveloped properties. They were able to purchase these at prices which have increased exponentially today. A generation after, our parents were able to build on that by putting up their brick-and-mortar businesses. Since there were only a few competitors they were able to grow their companies into giant corporations and multinationals. So what's our...