The Circle of Police Management

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Prepared for: Michael Milner UMUC Professor

Prepared by: Max Rahimi UMUC Student

Course: Law Enforcement Administration

September 7, 2012


Patrol Officer: They are uniformed police officers assigned to monitor specified geographic areas that is to move through their areas at regular intervals looking out for any signs of problems of any kind. They are the officers most commonly encountered by the public, as their duties include responding to calls for service, making arrests, resolving disputes, taking crime reports, and conducting traffic enforcement, and other crime prevention measures. A patrol officer is often the first to arrive on the scene of any incident; what such an officer does or fails to do at the scene can greatly influence the outcome of any subsequent investigation. I picked Patrol Officer for this Task Force, because they secure crime scenes and gather evidence; even if the department has special unit, the patrol officers assist them in collection and initiates the chain of evidence. They patrol specific area on foot, horseback, and bike. They help other federal agents or state agents.

* Officers in drug enforcement, often working with Patrol officers, execute search warrants and make arrests related to illegal drug sales

* Patrol officers ask for K-9 support unit during a traffic stop, or in other circumstances in which patrol units suspect there is drug involved.

K-9 Units: Patrol dogs are used to find criminal suspects. They search buildings and open areas, track suspects that have fled from a crime scene and locate any evidence that a suspect leaves behind. Using their keen sense of smell, a patrol dog can search faster, safer, with less manpower, and more accurately than officers can alone.

* K9 units officers provide support for patrol officers responding to 911 calls and handing on view activity....