Social Responsibility in Supply Management

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Supply professionals take on critical roles with regard to leading and directing the development and integration of sustainability and social responsibility policies and strategies into the organization as well as the supply chain. Moreover, supply professionals are also in the position to reinforce the importance of a personal commitment, from organizational members, and how this commitment impacts the sustainability and social responsibility efforts and outcomes. While there are many aspects of sustainability and social responsibility, the specific areas of diversity includes human rights and environment. By (1) establishing an ethics policy, (2) providing ethics training, (3) enlisting an ethics ombudsman, (3) performing checks and balances, and (4) performing audits, decreasing the likelihood of ethical dilemmas is greatly enhanced.

Technology and Ethical Behavior

Social responsibility, as defined by ISM ( Institute for Supply Management, Inc ), is a framework of measurable corporate policies and procedures and resulting behavior designed to benefit the workplace and, by extension, the individual, the organization and the community in the following areas: community, diversity and inclusiveness-supply base, diversity and inclusiveness-workforce, environment, ethics, financial responsibility, human rights, health and safety. The adoption of these seven principles is critical for an organization that is creating a robust and well-rounded program.

With increased innovation and technological advancements, unethical practices in supply management, as well as other areas of business, have become increasingly commonplace. By turning on a television or by reading a newspaper, it becomes commonplace to witness firsthand the effects of violating the guidelines and rules we desire to live by. As with other segments of business, ethics in supply management is important and has some aspects that can be considered unique. Unethical behavior, considering a...