The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age

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The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age

Marlize Dacruz-Vogel

Strayer University

Dr. Mark Glantz

LEG 500

29 July 2012

In the today’s world the information technology has become a major component which has contributed to the various organizations and functions externally and internally. There are various types of industries which have considered information technology as the most effective tool and trend as well in order to achieve effective growth and success. The privacy and security of citizen’s private data is not anymore safe as there are certain ways which can help an individual to mine the person data of the citizens.

Today people provide their personal information to the various places, where they consume any services or purchase a product. The responsible service provider or the organization collects the data which includes the personal information of the customers. This kind of information can be collected through various ways and methods. This paper shall discuss the major ways of finding the personal and confidential data of citizens. In addition to this the paper shall provide the brief information on how the citizens can ensure proper privacy and safety of their personal and confidential data.

Ways to Collect the Data

There are many methods which can help an individual to collect the personal and confidential data of the citizens. The three major ways for collecting the citizen’s personal information is mentioned below.

Third part data providers- the third parties are the organizations and institution where people access due to their particular needs of service or a product.

Online Information: the online information can be achieved through contacting various websites or data providers, as they charge a certain amount in order to provide the data of the citizens stored with them.

Health Care Records: the health care records are one of the most effective ways to have the most confidential information of the citizens....