International Marketing

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International marketing is the process of planning and conducting transactions across national borders to create exchanges that satisfy the objective of individuals and organizations. International marketing has forms ranging from export to import trade, to licensing, joint ventures, turnkey and management contracts. As this definition indicates international marketing very much retains the basic marketing tenet of satisfaction and exchange .international marketing is a tool used to obtain improvement of one’s recent position. The act that transactions take place across national borders highlights the difference between domestic and international marketing the international marketer is subject to new set of macro-environmental factors, to different constraints and to quite frequent conflicts resulting from different laws, cultures and societies. The basic principle of marketing still apply but their application complexity and intensity may vary substantially. It is in the international marketing field where one can observe most closely the role of marketing as a key agent of societal change and as a key instrument for the development of societal responsive business strategy. For example at the emerging marketing economies of china we can see the many challenges confronting international marketing. How does the marketing concept fit into these societies? How can marketing contribute to economic development and improvement of society? Similarly in the area f social responsibility and ethics the international marketer is faced with international multi-cultural environment with differing expectations and often inconsistent legal systems when it comes to monitoring environmental pollution, maintaining safe working conditions, copying technology or paying bribes

Culture is defined as an integrated system of learned behavior patterns that are distinguishing characteristics of the members of any given society. It includes...