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Riordan Manufacturing Sustainability Practices

MGT/360 Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management

David Gebhardt

Riordan Manufacturing Sustainability Practices

Riordan Manufacturing has recognized energy utilization and waste production as areas for sustainability efforts. Three areas will be targeted: the reduction of energy use, the increase of renewable energy source: and reduction of plastic waste production and increase recycling of waste plastic.

Energy consumption is a concern of Riordan Manufacturing as part of the sustainability audit. “With the downturn in the market, we’ve all been forced to scrutinize projects and processes more closely for efficiency. The best money spent here continues to be dollars spent on energy efficiency” (McLinden, 2008, p. 84). Initially, an analysis of energy consumption was done to determine where the majority of energy was being consumed. Motors, drives, heaters, cooling and lighting systems were determined to be sources that could be improved or replaced for more efficiency. Purchasing energy efficient machinery will modify the energy efficiency of Riordan Manufacturing permanently. All-electric injection molding machines will drastically lessen the energy consumption and production cost and reduces maintenance needs from conventional hydraulic machines. A dependable and constant supply of cooling water is needed for fast and repeatable plastics processing. Air-blast cooling means considerable reduction energy costs.

Specific energy consumption (SEC) times were determined and measured against industry averages to resolve where major power usage versus power wastes was significant. An energy management plan was created from the analysis of consumption, specific energy consumption times, and specific times for waste of energy. Maximum power requirements were determined based on this plan and industry averages. Methods for reducing the cost of energy were decided. Start-ups of all equipment on site are to...