Eating Healthy

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Wellness and Healthy Eating

Wellness and Healthy Eating

Good nutrition is vitally important to the health of children in all age groups especially the very young it is important that we are working toward the goal of Children's Health & Wellness. Wellness geared toward children should be our mission and goal as early childhood professionals. We must be sure to eat a variety of foods, including plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products. Also include low-fat dairy products, lean meats, poultry, fish, and legumes. Drink lots of water and go easy on the salt, sugar, and saturated fat. Good nutrition should be part of an overall healthy lifestyle of children as well as adults.Children should be taught that it is important to eat a healthy diet because we know it is needed for growth and energy. Children along with adults should also know that it is important to exercise. Our food intake and physical activity are critical aspects of growth, development and being healthy overall. Encouraging your children to eat well and exercise on a regular basis will have a positive impact on them in the future and just a few easy health habits now can make a big health difference later on. Parents and caregivers should realize that it is their responsibility is to buy healthy groceries and serve nutritious food to growing children. A set time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks is very important for good nutrition. “The Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children, which can be used for kids between 2 and 6 years, recommends that they get 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit each day”. Once a routine for meals and snacks, meal times are more relaxed. Most children are happier on a schedule and become hungry at regular times.” Teaching should look for signs of hunger”. Children should always feel safe and we should make sure that the child is not hungry and provide meal when it is necessary.

Teaching children directly in the classrooms are...