Spraying Rims

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What you'll Need:

4x selected Rims

Some wetsandpaper, 120 grit, 400 and some 800 grit

1x Can of White Engine Enamel Paint

2x Cans of White Sandable Primer

1x Can of Acrylic Clear Coat


1) Firstly knowing rims, they will be dirty so youve gotta give them a good hose / scrub / de-grease down, wipe them thoroughly with a towel after

2) After they are all dry, pull yourself up a chair, chuck a towel on your lap and wet sand with the 120 grit on all the chips on a rim, sand them until it becomes even around that patch and give the rest of the rim a good roughen up not enough to go all the way down to the cast but just to be scratched up (this helps the primer), you need to be thorough with it, for all the prep shows on final result. Do this with all the rims.

3) After youve finished sanding, wash the rims off, so that you have no sanded remains, give them a nice towel down and get ready to prime them up.

4) Lay the rim down with the face facing upwards and with nice edge to edge stroke methods, give each rim a nice coat of primer, each rim will need about 4-5 coats, the more the better. Note: You will NOT need to paint any other part of the rim other than the face / edges. Dont forget to go around the edges of the face of the rim and a bit onto the other side of the edge and also a bit thicker around the holes for the wheel nuts, thess parts will need to be strong painted / primed for when tyres are put on / removed it will rub and wheel nuts / wheel brace will knock onto the rim also. Heres how it should look after primed:

5) After you have let your rims dry for a decent amount of time, grab your 800 grit and give the primer on the rim a light sand till shes nice and smooth, shouldnt take much, a quickover will do. Wipe the rim clean of dust and get your paint handy.

6) With painting the rim, you use the same technique as the primer was, stroke movements, and you dont want to hold down the spray to do the whole rim, its a spray,...