Corporate Compliance Plan

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Running Header: Corporate Compliance Plan

Corporate Compliance Plan Riordian Industries

Adrian Krag

University of Phoenix


According to Community Service for the Developmentally Disabled (n.d.),  “A Corporate Compliance plan is a system which is designed to detect and prevent violations of law, as well as the likelihood of unethical activity by agency employees, volunteers, contractors, officers and directors” (para. 3).

A review of the potential violation of statute and ethics that are predominant for Riordian Manufacturing, and the policies and procedures recommended to prevent these issues. Areas covered include, preference for alternative dispute resolution (ADR), tort risk, contract clauses, employment discrimination issues, patents, copyright and intellectual property and accounting procedures.

In each area, predominate risks are identified and the potential for risk is evaluated and the corrective measures proposed. This plan and the underlying program are designed to prevent, detect, and correct instances of unethical conduct and conduct that violates applicable laws and regulations. This Plan is for internal use only and is not intended to create any rights or obligations for any person or entity.

Riordian will establish a compliance committee comprised of the Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and legal counsel. The committee and or designates will generate a code of business conduct to be distributed to all employees. The Compliance Committee shall meet no less frequently than quarterly and will evaluate all allegations of nonconformity to the standards set forth (ABX Holdings, 2009).

Company Preference for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Disputes in employment, supplier contracts and dealings with customers, disagreements may arise. These often spawn from ambiguous wording, undocumented discussions or accidents. In certain limited situations, formal trial...