Povety in America

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Poverty in America among African American Compared to Caucasians in America Liberty University Abstract

The United States contains many societies, cultures, and classes. All households belong to some social class that represents their level of education, their gender, and racial background. The past 25 years has created a significant structural change that embraced the conversion in the economic structure. These changes produced a change from the manufacturing employment to a service-sector employment. A closer review at the roots of poverty offers a change in terms of policy and system alterations. Examining reasons that triggers an individual’s likelihood of being in poverty, then we will be able to create interventions. There are various solutions that may be considered, which includes the prevention in human capital development, and the economic development. This research paper will examine the cause of poverty in North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.

Earning minimum wage may have major effects on an individual’s future, social and economic path for some groups that resides in America. The yearly rate of entry into poverty for the population of the United States has been estimated at three percent per year (Eller, 2010). Poverty is not a fixed state; it has been found that families move in and out of poverty at different points in time (Lawson, 2008). In general, research has suggested that the longer a person has been poor, the less likely it is that he or she will escape poverty (Lawson, 2010). There is a considerable difference in the rate of poverty record across racial groups. Although, generally an individual who is considered to be poor isn’t white, individuals who are African Americans are much more likely to experience poverty.

Many individuals have the belief that all people have the ability to experience upward mobility, no matter their economic standing at birth. This means that for a hypothetical family of four whose current income is...