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Every guy has the power to be a complete badass with women. Yes, that includes you. Whether you’re the powerful CEO of a flourishing Fortune 500 company or a struggling musician and part-time waiter, you have the power within you to be irresistible to beautiful women. In fact, there’s only one thing that separates the Casanovas from the creeps, the Lotharios from the losers, and the players from the posers: men who are successful with women have simply learned how to unlock this innate power, and how to use all its benefits to their greatest advantage. I know, I know…it sounds too simple, right? And why should you believe me anyway? What makes me such an expert on the subject? I’ve spent years and years studying psychology, relationships, and attraction, and have worked as a professional dating coach, a social dynamics and charisma instructor, and a body language expert. I trained with Wyatt Woodsmall, neurolinguistic programming and motivational speaking expert, and long-time mentor of Anthony Robbins, as well



as the first generation of Dale Carnegie instructors. I also founded and hosted the first radio show that was completely devoted to helping men succeed with women on Maxim Radio, which appears all over North America on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio. I have worked alongside the Anthony Robbins Company and advised the Board of Advertisers for Axe Bodyspray. I have trained everyone from athletes, to celebrities, to marketers, from students in their freshman year in college to men in their 80s, and I can tell you that everything you’re about to read in this book works. You will never learn a more important skill set in your life. This information will do everything for you. It will accelerate your business when you learn to understand and influence social dynamics. It will strengthen your friendships. It will allow you to create a friendship with anyone you need to be a friend. You will have control over all of your social...