Mental Health Care

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Mental healthcare services which are delivered to dually diagnosed individuals remain

problematic in many communities because of entrenched administrative structures that maintain

the separation of mental illness and substance abuse treatment systems. Communication plays an

important aspect on how mental health care services are delivered within the environmental

communities. Mental have programs are develop in order to provide a vast amount of services

for individuals with mental health issues. The delivery of mental health services within mental

health agencies and/or psychiatric facilities a development communication is the core of how

clients interact with clinicians as well as how trusting relationships are develop from this

communication process. When providing various types of mental health services communication

barriers sometimes arise which makes it very difficult to deliver acquit services for individuals

who have psychiatric and substance abuse issues. The implementation of treating individuals

with substance abuse and mental health issues in the healthcare delivery system continue to be

difficult and challenging. Within the environment there are critical aspects of various barriers

and preventive measures in which individuals are faced with in the stabilization of their illnesses.

Unless a strong foundation is established between the consumer and clinician the communication

level can and will be hinder. There are critical areas of effective treatment programs which are

comprehensive in the treatment services which are provided to individuals who dually

diagnosed. The reduction of financing programs in the delivery of health care services has had an

overwhelming effect on the outcome success rate of individuals overcoming their illnesses. In

addition to assisting an individual who is suffering from a and substance abuse problem, it is

extremely important that they obtain a...