Where You Sit in Class

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We have all heard not to judge a book by its cover. The same applies to making assumptions on an individual based on where they sit. Many say that where you sit tells a lot about you as a person. That may or may not be true depending on various factors such as frequency and/or circumstances. For the most part, individuals that sit in the front are known to be smart and studious. Yet, individuals that sit in the back are known as slackers and thus not very intelligent. Nevertheless, individuals that sit in the front could be having trouble learning and consequently be struggling and getting low grades. On the other hand, an individual sitting in the back could have come in late to class and thus sat there due to lack of available seating. All in all, where you sit should not be an indicator of your personality nor should it reflect on the individual or their grades.

It’s assumed that students sitting in the front of the class tend to pay attention more than those who sit in the back. They also say that students that sit up front are way more interested in the class than the students that sit way in the back of the class. Supposedly those who sit in the back get distracted easily by playing with their phones and going on facebook. Students who sit in the back of the class or lecture hall are more likely to not pay attention and be interested in the class and the study so they receive the lower grades. I believe this theory is not true and it just biased and based on social thinking and social interpretation.

Typically students that sit in the front have trouble seeing, focus much better, and have less tendency of slacking off or going to sleep. Some say students that sit in the back receive lower GPA scores than the students that sit up in front. Scholarly students tend to sit in the front row more often because their more prepared and personable some professors have observed. Professors say that students that choose to sit in the back make the...